When to Hire a Professional for Cell Phone Repairs

Is your phone not working like it used to? At Reno iPhone iPod Repair we can fix it for you! This means not having to rip apart your own phone and saving money on buying one that’s brand new. Some of the times when it’s most important to hire a professional like one of ours include:

1. Black Screen

If your phone has a black screen and won’t turn on despite being charged, there could be a number of things wrong. By taking it to a technology expert, you’ll quickly learn if the problem can be fixed or if a replacement is necessary.

2. Not Charging

Phones not charging is incredibly important, especially when a port has broken. Fortunately it’s something that can likely be fixed so you can power up your phone again.

3. Cracked Screen

If you dropped your phone and can no longer use it because the screen is shattered, a replacement will be necessary. This can be incredibly difficult to do yourself, which is why it’s crucial to see a professional for help. Experts like ours can replace all types of screens in much less time and while making sure your phone isn’t damaged.

4. Frozen Software

When your software keeps freezing this could mean a variety of different issues are going on. By taking it to a technology expert, you won’t have to guess and will quickly know how to remedy the problem.

5. SD Card Isn’t Recognized

If this card is no longer being recognized in your phone, it could mean reformatting is necessary. Fortunately technology experts can do this easily.

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