Repair and Save Money on the Cost of a New iPad

Your iPad isn’t working right, so you think about paying to replace it. Unfortunately this can cost you hundreds of dollars, which may not be in the budget. If you’re looking for a more affordable alternative, then iPad repairs are well worth considering. At Reno iPhone iPod Repair this is one of our most requested services. We help our clients restore their iPads so they can save money and their data without having to worry about purchasing a new device.

Are Repairs Possible?
Repairs can be done in almost every situation when an iPad is not working. However, there are some situations when they cannot be salvaged. It’s still worth taking your device in, as the cost of repairs is far less than the cost of a brand new iPad.

What are Common Repairs?

Cracked Screens
Although these tablets are durable, they are not immune to cracking. Fortunately the screens can be replaced, but only by experienced professionals. Don’t cause potentially more damage by trying to do this yourself; the process is very complex.

Not Charging
Another common issue we see is the iPad not charging for one reason or another. To determine the problem, we do a full evaluation before giving you the diagnosis. In most situations the charging port simply needs to be repaired.

Stuck Orientation
If your screen is stuck one way and you cannot move it to another, this could be a simple problem to fix through your settings. However, if you aren’t finding any solution that works, you can count on our experienced tech experts to help you out.

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