“Pretty awesome! Came up to the kiosk and told the guy i needed help with my phone. Told him the issues and he knew what to check for and How to check it. This place has experience without charging me a kidney to fix my phone, unlike someone Else!! If anything ever happens to my portable electronics, i know where to go.”
Matt Payton
“I had an incredible experience here. They had the part in stock, fixed my phone in under an hour, and gave me a 90 day warranty as well for less than most shops charge for the repair alone. Also, this is the kind of service and professionalism I’d expect from somebody who I’m supposed to trust with such an important device. I’ll be coming back for sure.”
Connor McCarthy
“Getting a broken phone fixed is something no one wants to expierence. I was visiting this place quite frequently. The employees were patient, fair, and kind. Thank you Alyssa and the other two men that helped me try to fix my phone and when they couldn’t, gave me a refund. It’s truly appreciated.”
Jenette Blair
“My ASUS tablet wouldn’t boot. Turned on and just got that spinny round round circle of death. Brought it in to them, and about 15 minutes later it was working again. Lost all information on the tablet, but at least it’s working again. And the best part is because they didn’t have to open it up, no charge.”
Steven Ahrens
“Was able to help me with soldering work on my graphics card. Ryan took a look at it and was able to fix it and the repair cost was lower than expected. The price was even lower than what he quoted cause of it being an easier fix than what he thought it would be. Will for sure go back for other repairs in the future.”
Dylan Schild
“I didnt have enough money to pay for a new phone but the glass on my iPhone was completely broken! These guys fixed it for me and it was wayyy less than getting a new phone. I’m so pumped on it! I will def be going back to get a customized color! Totally recommend!”
Brittany S